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Eyes are the Window to the Soul

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Ever since I was wee the importance of the EYES has been drilled into me through challenging life lessons. I have had eye sight issues since birth and have used corrective lenses and had surgery to try to fix my issues. Regardless of the efforts was proclaimed legally blind in my right eye and my poor left eye is left doing all the work. In my 20's I was accidentally poked in the left eye by a child at work and my cornea was scratched leaving me temporarily blinded because they had to patch my only working eye. It reminded me how blessed I am to at least have eye sight in one out of two of my eyes!

As a result I am slightly passionate about protecting my eyes and what goes in or around them ... I want to make sure that I do not inadvertently do something that causes me to loose the sight in my one remaining good eye!  

Which is why when I saw all the pins on Pinterest declaring that 'lavender oil' or the 'oola lash' blend is amazing for helping with lash growth and eye lash mite control and so forth I went to 'google' to find out if this were actually BACKED by science and research to be proven as safe.

The results of which served a an epic reminder that it is a VERY bad habit to form when one just blindly trusts what one reads in the Internet as gospel truth because there is so much inaccurate information out there specially when it comes  to advice that gives health and wellness advice and I totally do not want to contribute to that misinformation! For everyone one 'expert' that tells you to do something cause it is good for you will will find three experts who are telling you NO do not do that do this! It is a mind field trying to decide what is the 'best choice' but ultimately that is the choice that you feel comfortable in confident in making based on your own research and judgement. I always tell my peers just because it is good for ME it might not be good for YOU I am just sharing my experience and why I love doing what I do! 

As much I love my essential oils and their potential health benefits I like to remind myself that they are natures MEDICINE and must be treated with RESPECT and CARE and used SAFELY! I have made my own share of mistakes as I have begun using essential oils in my journey to be healthier including putting my precious Nevada at risk  unintentionally using essential oil blends in my diffuser that are toxic to animals so now I want to be doing even more research before sharing. So this is my advice based on what I have been able to read .... just say NO to adding essential oils to your mascara!

So while there are lots of 'advice' out there from wellness advocates in various essential oil industries advising the use of essential oils in and around the eyes with DIY recipes and so forth my advice is THIS ... please do your own research before deciding if this is a risk you want to take with your own eyes! Lots of ladies might be loving it in their mascara, they might be seeing huge benefits in the length and luster and they might just be LUCKY that they still have their eye sight while doing so!
That advice is based on reading experiences and shared research from those more knowledgeable than myself including the  National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy which says the following about essential oils and eye safety: 
"placing any essential oil “in the eye” is extremely dangerous advice. Almost any undiluted essential oil coming into contact with the ocular membranes will be corrosive, possibly causing scarring of the cornea, and certainly causing significant pain.


* There is currently no evidence that applying dilutions of essential oil to the eyes will be beneficial in any condition."

So with adding it to your mascara or anything that is going to be that close to the eye you need to be able to be confident that it is not going to 'migrate' INTO your eye in a strength that could be corrosive and cause scarring over time! 

To be SAFE other essential oil users like the Hippie Punk Mom advice to never use your essential oils IN the ear canal, eyes or nose areas and to avoid mucus membranes! 

The other challenge that I hypothesis with 'adding' things' to store bought products like mascaras and skincare and so forth is that their chemists have carefully designed their products and ingredients to work together and in the quantities that are meant to compliment each other ... when WE add additional ingredients, even natural ones like essential oils, we risk creating an unknown chemical reaction with the other ingredients! 
Remember how the Joker used the various cosmetics people regularly 'mixed' to create a toxic storm that killed people? Kinda that same concern with 'mixing' products from different companies ~ might be GREAT on their own but when mixed with the competitions line result in an unwanted reaction or outcome!

This is something I have experienced personally when just 'mixing' brands in my youth and using one companies cleanser and another companies toner or moisturizer depending on what was 'on sale' and ended up dealing with adverse reactions on my skin all throughout my youth to the point I just stopped using ANY products to care for my skin. I was not making the connection that my reactions were because the products ingredients were not meant  to be used together ... when I found a skincare LINE and used began using the entire system together as it is meant to be I have seen amazing results in my skin. No more painful cystic acne breakouts and the psoriasis on my face cleared up and my skin has a nice healthy glow.  

So if you are looking for an eye lash product to help give you longer lustre to your eye lashes I will share MY two favorite products for my eyes that have worked for ME and that I feel confident using as they do not make my eyes itch and get debris into them plus they both remove with gentle ease using my Enjo eye pad and water or if I have done a 'dramatic eye' look adding a little of the Aloette Essential Cleansing Oil before using the Enjo eye pad to help loosen the mascara. 

 A-List Lash is infused with argan oil and argan stem cells to condition lashes for a long-lasting, healthy looking sheen.  The unique and clump proof wand evenly coats and curls each lash for fast, flawless application every time 

I use this as my daily mascara for the benefits of the argan oil ... it gives a nice light coat to the lashes and is great for daily use!

When I want a little more DRAMA for my eyes after applying the first coat of the A List Lash I than use the buildable formula of the Aloette Intensity mascara which lets you control the intensity - from a hint of definition to bold, full volume - without smudging or clumping. And with lash-loving vitamins and conditioners, Aloette’s long-wear eye miracle nourishes as it separates, lengthens and thickens for a captivating look that lasts all day and well into the night.

It can seriously give dramatic look to the eyes without the 'fibers' or 'extensions' or other add ons that might end up getting IN to the actual eye and causing issues! Just look at the POP in this side by side using the Intensity mascara!

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Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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