Thursday, February 18, 2016

DIY Essential Oil Mobiles

Wow ~ this is a cute idea from over at the doTERRA Canada blog on Facebook!
DIY Felt Mobile: Get a wooden embroidery hoop from the craft store in the desired size. Cut your favorite animals out of felt and hang them from the embroidery hoop, as desired. Essential oils can then be added to the felt to create a gentle, calming environment for your baby.

So if your wee one is having challenges sleeping a little drop of lavender on these before bed time to help provide a soothing sleep setting! 

Please remember when using oils with wee ones that less is more and that while essential oils are an amazing gift from nature that even nature needs to be respected for its power over the human body! So fact is that some oils their little bodies are not yet ready to metabolize and that you can overdose on 'essential oils' just like you can on many other things from nature turning the gift into a nightmare! It is important to make sure to do your OWN research on which oils you are comfortable using with your little treasure because ther is often conflicting information out there on oil safety and so forth! 
This is the recommended ideal amounts from doTERRA and their blog gives background around why they feel THEIR oils are safe for internal use as internal use of oils is one of those areas where you will find conflicting information.
My advice with internal use is to keep in mind 'accumulative dosage' so if you are taking oils internally to support health and wellness but are than also using aromatic and dermal applications for aromatherapy in the day is your 'total ideal' amount than surpassing idea.

So for example a YOUNG toddler who is being given our OnGuard capsule orally to help with immunity support could quickly reach 3 DROPS in the course of a 24 hour day specially the more everyday items we replace with essential oils. So keep in mind if they are than washing their hands with the On Guard soap which has essential oils in it, playing in a play area where we are diffusing oils and than applying an essential oil 'treatment' to feet before bedtime and so forth! 
Oils are AMAZING gifts but they must be respected and used in moderation and there are definitely some that should NOT be used by young children at all!  Such as the advice from Robert Tisserand around the use of menthol's like peppermint and eucalyptus in small children!
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Some tips for oil uses with children can be found on the doTERRA® science blog here and I personally love the resource from the Hippy Homemaker where they give tips such as SLOWLY introducing oils into ones lives because like anything we can have 'sensitivities' to natures gifts so introducing things like food and oils and so forth one at a time and 'waiting' to see how the body reacts is key. I also love how they  break down the oils by age based on their research ~ the article in its entirely can be found here
 Have an amazing day!

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