Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Slim & Sassy Control Instant Mix Sticks

Overeating is one of the worst culprits in the fight for weight management. There are many reasons we overeat as well as different ways we overeat. Sometimes we emotionally eat and snack too much, or we eat larger portions than we should, or we just eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods and not enough fruits and vegetables. It all comes down to being able to control our appetite and eat what we should, when we should, and as much as we should.
Slim & Sassy® presents a way to take better control of your hunger and help you on your path to managing your weight and ultimately your overall well-being. Slim and Sassy Contrōl is intended to be used during the course of the day to help control your appetite. It contains a revolutionary ingredient extracted from spinach that has been clinically shown to significantly reduce appetite for up to six hours. Contrōl is also available in a snack bar, (which comes in three different flavors) and also a drink mix format.

  • Promotes feelings of satiety for up to 6 hrs* 
  • Significantly reduces cravings for unhealthy food* 
  • Functions as a prebiotic* 
  • Contains 124 mg of Slim & Sassy® Metabolic Blend (stick pack only) 
  • Green, both literally and from a whole foods standpoint

For more info on the line and to read about the benefits of Thylakoids here is the PDF from doTERRA® as an awesome resource.

I personally have not used the add on lines as they are not 'gluten free' enough for me having been made in a factory with other gluten containing line and therefore 'may contain' however the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend essential oil supplement in both the pure oil and the oral capsules have been amazing at supporting me in my weight loss journey and overcoming my carb / sugar addiction as I moved to grain free eating! 

Have an amazing day!

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