Monday, November 12, 2018

They are HERE!

The day has arrived - the girls have joined our home! They arrived home Friday evening - and were a little timid about their new surroundings and jumped out of their travel bags and immediately hid underneath the couch and did not want to come out. We respected their choice and made sure to place food, water and their littler next to the couch over night and gave them their space - while they poked their heads out here and there during the evening they stayed pretty much hidden and we ended up heading to bed and giving them some space! Thankfully sometime during the evening they must have come out to investigate as they ate up some food and water and used the box!

The next morning they were feeling much more inquisitive - both of them LOVED the big bay window and perching on the couch and watching the birds and squirrels outside in the yard.
By this morning they have started to explore their new toys  - the irony  is discovering that fur babies are very much like human children in that we got them two of everything so they can each have their own toys to limit fighting between them and yet here they are both fighting over one mouse the second laying abandoned near by! A huge thank you to my clients the Hare/Ferencz family for the catnip filled mice - they are a huge hit!

 Up in the bedroom they loved the little stairs that they can perch on to look at the big pine tree full of birds and squirrels - even throughout the night I would wake up over the course of the weekend and find the silhouette of both of them watching the animals outside and making tiny little chattering noises to each other!

They got playful to engage with us in chasing string and ball games!

Luna is very inquisitive about outside - here she is giving the neighbors naughty cat a stare down and marking her territory to try to scare the thing off our deck and from using the garden as its littler box!

Luna loves the 'perch' from the cat tree - she spends much of her day up here either sleeping or watching her sister chase her shadow or her tail or something around the livingroom!

 And even here in their new home they both still prefer to spend most of their time together in their bonded little snuggles together! 

Over all we are very please with how quickly they have adjusted and come out of their shell during this transition - we had read that it can take weeks for a new kitten to accept their new home with a lot of time spent in hiding away from their new family members until they feel comfortable but the girls had each other for support and I think that played a big role in how quickly they have made themselves at home this weekend! 

Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Welcome Luna and Lily

We are so very excited to announce the welcoming of Luna and Lilly to our family - they will be joining us formally next weekend after they have been vetted! 

I came across Luna and Lily in my news feed on Facebook when someone I know shared a story from Heavenly Hills Animal Sanctuary!  

The sisters were a strongly bonded pair - all the photos showed photos of the two of them snuggled together loving on one another! As a result of the strong bond the rescue was looking for a furever home that would allow the two to remain together - I mean how can you separate these two darlings???

I spoke with Paul to see if he thought two kitties would be a fit for our family because since the loss of Nevada he'd been wanting a new fur baby to join us and help to fill the hole in our hearts her loss had created but was not sure if two were in the cards for our small home. He took one look at them and he too was heart captured ... we visited them at their foster home and instantly knew they were the two kitties for us and while our home might be small our hearts are huge and we can make room for the two of them here! 

This is Luna - she is a tortoise shell tabby who is full of spunky spirit and energy and has a foot fetish - so beware walking past couches or beds for her hunting prowess!

Her sister Lily she is an amazing soul who is a little more cautious about the world and way more laid back preferring to watch her sisters antics although she occasionally will jump in and participate!

Together they balance each other out perfectly just like Paul and I do and we are so very excited to have them joining the home! 

I cannot thank their foster Mama Angela and her daughter Leda enough for the wonderful start to life that they offered the girls until they were ready to come home with us - it takes a very special person to open their heart to fur babies knowing that they are going to have to say good-bye again in a short time period. Based on all the photos she took of them in her home they were well loved and had an amazing first couple months with her and Leda! 

We cannot wait to have them join us and I am sure that they are going to love being guest bloggers on the blog from time to time! 

Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!