Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 24 Epic Life recap

Day 24 of the Epic Life Challenge wrapping up! 

Apple nachos with chocolate truffle yogurt, grilled cheese with cold veggies and dip and Pesto chicken for dinner ... not shown protein bar and grapes after the gym.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Day 18 Epic NSV

#NSV my poor eating habit has always been that it’s too much trouble to cook just for myself so whenever my spouse travels (which is a lot specially in summer) than I tend to always go to the fast convenience food or get REALLY lazy and resort to Doritos and sour cream with salsa and call it dinner you know cause all food groups in there with protein and veggies and grains except I would eat the WHOLE tub of sour cream 😳

 I would also tend to binge watch chick flicks he doesn’t enjoy watching and mindlessly snack in movie snacks like popcorn and chocolate and drink my Baileys - I would literally go out and stock up on crap food I “needed” for my “me time” with challenge being that me time was often EVERY WEEKEND!

I really struggled my first challenge to break that bad habit but made strides with it each time making better choices - so its May and full swing reinacting seasons starting again and he’s off for 5 days and I used my Epic Life toolkit and I planned ahead to cook up proteins and have my veggies stocked and prepped and ready to go and tonight I whipped myself up Mini Chicken Fajitas with a side salad 💕 I am WORTH the trouble it takes - seriously it took 15 minutes to whip this together cause chicken was already cooked just needed to stir fry the veggies and reheat chicken and the mini corn tortillas

At the grocery store today that stupid autopilot brain if mine whose spent the past 15 years with the “me time” ritual ALMOST put some mini chocolates in the grocery cart for “movie time” they were in my hand before the other side of my brain said “hey you don’t need that crap to enjoy some me time put it back”

It takes a lot of mental effort to rewrite the brain to stop bad habits - I had gone into the store with my list and thought I was on fleck and next thing without even consciously thinking it the chocolates were in my hand!

Not this time brain not this time!!!

Thank you Epic Life 💕💕💕

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Day 17 Epic Life

Day 17 - bam 💥 

Breakfast to go this morning cause beautiful sunny day to walk to playgroup with kiddies so needed to eat as I walked.

Finished off the second half of the tuna from earlier this week for lunch!

Nipped out for dinner after the visitation to a lovely little place called State and Maine and had a half the Burrito bowl cause came with like a weeks worth of rice in bottom 🤣

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