Monday, October 26, 2020

Have you heard of Ketones?

Inspired by Lynn after attending one of her Keto 101 cooking classes back before Covid hit I took the 10 Day Challenge just the see if it could help improve my blood sugar  to avoid the pressure from my family dr to take prescriptions and balance some of my inflammation and pain by reducing the sugar/carbs from my diet!

Prüvit 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge


I personally swap this product out for my breakfast cause I have never been  a breakfast eater and always forced myself to eat it cause we are told breakfast is the most important meal of the day - however 'break fast' actually means the first meal you choose to eat after a fast NOT necassrily that you have to eat it the minute you wake up - I personally have choose to do an intermitent fasting window of 18:6. So I have 18 hours of fasting and than a 6 hour window where I eat. I do not eat my first meal until around 3pm and than I have a light snack to hold me over to dinner, dinner and than a light snack while watching movies! Some times I do only the dinner and evening snack. Keytones first thing helps me get my morning off to an energetic start! I also end my day with a Keto Calm tea or a Keto Broth to help promote a good night sleep! Also because they are so packed full of vitamins and minerals i don’t have to choke down a multi vitamin so the savings from that is directed to investing in this! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 11.54.52

Innergize Day :Pruvit – Canada

 I have so much more energy, less pain and am able to work out more often and harder and my blood sugar levels have been AMAZING! The doctor rolled her eyes at me when I said I wanted to try this for 3 months and run my blood work again before filling her prescription - boy did I show her roll your eyes at me will ya  🤣 

Do you want to take the Challenge too? Click here for more information.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Faux Hamburger Helper!

I made my own healthy grain free version of  faux 'hamburger helper' tonight thanks to Epicure! Nom nom nom ... way better than anything that comes out of a box and way healthier!

From Epicure you will need the following ... Mac and Cheese seasoning. This stuff is way better than Kraft dinner crap! As well as Fajita Seasoning - again this is so much healthier with no fillers and low sodium.

Mac & Cheese Seasoning (Pack of 3)Fajita Seasoning

I browned a pound of ground turkey with onions, peppers and homemade salsa and fajita seasoning. I then  tossed couple cups of cauliflower florets with the dry Mac and cheese seasoning pack and 1/2 cup cream in my rectangle steamer than added the fajita meat mix and 2 cups spinach. Topped with some shredded cheese. Baked 350F for 30 minutes!

So tasty 😋

Bon Appetite


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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Happy Childcare Worker and ECE Appreciation Day!


Tomorrow Thursday October 22nd is Childcare Appreciation Day in Ontario ... during the pandemic so many of my peers have risen to the challenge of taking on yet more risk and responsibility due to the pandemic and have done so with little to no additional resources or support provided to them by the government that deemed them 'essential' but than put in policies that once again ripped the rug out from underneath them by create diminishing their resources and making empty promises of support like PPE and so forth which 3 weeks into October many have still not recieved this months allotment of PPE and yet they are at work making due with either providing their own or reusing what should be expired PPE.

They rise like this because not only because they KNOW that working parents rely on their services but because sadly for so many of them they have NO CHOICE but to yet again being asked to rise and do more with less because they are working pay cheque to pay cheque, often multiple jobs, because despite the cost of childcare to family's that money does not roll over to them much of that goes to 'overhead' of operating so they are so under paid that missing even one day of work can mean a bill goes past due or they cannot make their rent! They rise because if they do not they risk drowning!

My hat is off and my heart is so full for all those who are out on the front line now giving it their all and with a smile and happy demeanor for the children in their care despite the burdens upon their shoulders - because early childhood educators and childcare providers are SUPER HEROES! They should be valued and appreciated EVERY DAY and our government should do MORE to show that they are valued!

To all my peers - you ROCK!
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Who loves an unboxing?

 Who doesn't love a good unboxing?

I love being a part of the Scrapbook Nerd Design team - choosing our quarterly goodies to showcase is so much fun! Check out all the goodies in my unboxing video! Make sure to head on over to Scrapbook Nerd's & Friends on Facebook and join in the on fun weekly challenges to help jump start creative juices and for chances to win free stuff!

 So what do you think I should play with first?

Happy Stampin'


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Why you need Aloette in your life too!

I could just listen to Chrystal talk forever she’s so much fun and since  she does a much better job explaining why Aloette is AMAZING for its healing properties with your skin than I could I will share her video for your listening pleasure! 


The healing benefits I saw with my psoriasis is why I fell in love with Aloette and why I love sharing it - everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin!!!

Come join me over on Facebook in my VIP group to stay up to date with current flyers and sales cause why pay retail when you can get these amazing products with added value at even more affordable pricing! 

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Watercolour background fun!

 Loving this Artisan Design Team Tip from fellow demo Zsuanna! 

For this stunning background you need / large acrylic block, a piece of clear window sheet, stampin ' blends (dark, 2-3 colors) and rubbing alcohol.

Just stunning works of art ... mixed media is always my favourite! I love the messy fun it’s so therapeutic!

You can order supplies to create this technique on my website

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

It’s Paper Pumpkin time

 I am so excited each Month waiting for my Paper Pumpkin subscription - the Jolly Holly is on it’s way now - reminds me of being little and getting $1 to buy candy at the store and choosing one of those “surprise bags” that you rushed to get home and dump out all the penny candies inside it!

Except the Paper Pumpkin won’t rot your teeth 🤣

Sign up before the 10th of November to get the Jolly Gingerbread Kit! Here’s a little sneak peek!

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