Friday, January 22, 2021

Baby It's Cold Outside!

 Margaret here guest designing for the Scrapbook Nerds for this week!

Back to show some more love of the Winter Wonderland Collection from Doodlebug Designs Inc. 

This card makes use of the Winter Wonderland Sticker Icons - these are so stinking cute and you get SO MANY - perfect for making quick cards or scrapbook layouts!

The Winter Wonderland Chit Chat from Doodlebugs - again look at all the wording goodies for making both cards and scrapbook layouts!

And the Winter Wonderland 6x6 Paper pack - for a little pop of colour matting!

Seriously the little snowman are so stinking adorable .... to help ground them I sponged some light blue Pool Party ink snow hills - they are very subtle in the background.

Happy Stampin' 


Live, Laugh, Love

Be Totallyawake4-life

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

 Margaret here guest designing for the Scrapbook Nerds & Friends over on Facebook! 

To get my inspiration started I used a #TGIFC299 card inspiration for this week - which is use a background!

For my background I chose a retired embossing folder Happy Hearts from Stampin' Up! and Wink of Stella to give the background a subtle pop of glitter and shine!

 Just love Wink of Stella - subtle but stunning!


Than for my accent papers I chose the Winter Wonderland 6x6 paper pack from Doodlebug Design Inc! This paper stack is SO CUTE and great for winter birthdays and Valentines alike!

I punched out the heart from the paper with my Dual Hearts punch and created a banner with the triple banner punch from Stampin' Up!

For my sentiment I stamped the Love U from Altenew set called Hug Me.

I also added some accent hearts from the Winter Wonderland Icon Stickers from Doodlebug Design Inc. Like how adorable are these stickers??? I have some more plans in mind for upcoming cards with the adorable Winter Wonderland line!
Happy Stampin'
Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Nail Art Stamping Kit review

 Ok - first I practiced my patience to wait to open my GelMoment Stamping Kit until Christmas which was HARD and than I finally got to open it and my energy had been zapped by an auto immune flare up so had not been able to play with it - but finally today I decided I would play instead of doing chores since I seem to have to choose what I want to spend what little energy I have on. Reality is no one is going to be seeing my house anytime soon thanks to lock down so choosing to let my chores slide today and play with my new toys from Christmas LOL! 

 Here is my process video showing just how EASY it is to get cool designs with a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the results you want!


The stamping kit is SO much fun - I might not get any chores done in the foreseeable future now that I have finally played with it!

Be as Bold as your GelMoment Nail Polish!

Live, Laugh, Love
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thank you to fellow GM sister Palmira for such an awesome showcase or the different plates in the stamping kit!

With the Nail Art Stamping Kit you get 3 plates with 12 designs for a total of 36 nail art options shown below! Than you can add your own choice of nail base colours from our selection of over 100 colour choices, stamp your chosen design with the included black, white or gold gels OR get really fancy and stamp with the white gel and than top with one of our dozen Chrome colours.


The possiblities are endless which makes this kit a great investment! 

Playing with my kit has been on my to do list and this showcase makes me really want to carve out playtime for myself to play!

Be As Bold as your GelMoment Nail Polish!

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life
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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Any Among Us Fans?

 Who has an Among Us fan in the house? 

This fan art inspired manicure from fellow distributor Brooke shows just how easy it is to create adorable nail art for your little's or adult fans alike and with the 5 free non toxic ingredients,  quick cure time and over 100 colour options the possibilities are endless! 


 Brooke used the following to create this adorable design for her little one:

Lacey Night on all Nails.
Blue: Lily of the Nile/Amalia - colour mixing is SO much fun!
Pink: Influencer
Yellow: Lemon Merengue
Green: Sublime
Red: Ladybug Roug

Shop from the safety and comfort of your own home via my GelMoment website

Join the fun on Facebook in my Totallyawake4-life & Nailin’ It! VIP group for more inspiration, self care tips, games and giveaways! 

Be As Bold as Your GelMoment
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Be Totallyawake4-life
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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tips, Tricks and Tutorial Tuesday!

The Nail Art styling strips are awesome for adding to your manicure both as is OR to create a stencil or mask for creating art designs!


Check out this cool tutorial on how to combine them with Chrome application to get that perfect 'straight line' in your nail art design!

Be As Bold as your GelMoment Nail polish!

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life
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Monday, January 4, 2021

Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms


Fellow distributor Jamie Lee found Inspiration to use this months color or the month on her manicure from Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms ... I am in awe of some of the nail talent out there!

GelMoment Colors used:
  • Eye to my Soul
  • Just Cruise
  • In the Mood
  • Lovee Dovee
  • Raven’s Kiss
  • Feeling Ferny
  • Chrome #11
  • Matte R Effect
  • Creativity brushes
Want even more inspiration, tips tricks and giveways? Come join my Customer VIP group on Facebook in the Totallyawake4-life & Nailin' It! 
Be As Bold As Your GelMoment Polish!
Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life
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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Nail Art Stampin Kit trouble shooting tips


The new Nail Art Stamping Kit is all the rage right now - so popular it keeps going out of stock so if you want one grab it again soon before its gone again!
Kit instructions:

Kit Contents:

 Trouble shooting tips
1. Make sure to remove the blue protective film from the plates - despite the instructions on the card that comes with the kit many customers aren’t catching that instructions to remove that film so they start playing but the gels not giving a good print cause their not getting full coverage or impressions with the film still on.
2. There are two ends of the dual ended stamping applicator a large and small end depending on how much coverage you want and your nail bed size. Remove the CAP from the end of the applicator that you want to use for your size nails in order - some customers have not realized there was a cap that came off and have instead been applying the “replacement” silicone pads provided in the kit to the cap top and this doesn’t stick properly and slides around or it falls off mid application causing frustration - the applicator ends has a firm edged hole to insert your silicone replacements in when needed to replace so they are secure and don’t move or slide around when you apply. 
3.Less is more - you only need a tiny bit of gel. Too much and it smears everywhere and you have waste of your lovely gel!
4. Angle is everything ... place gel at the edge of the design you want and scrap the gel down plate slowly and firmly at a 45 angle to evenly push the gel into the design while keeping plate clean from gel. Too much gel or moving to quickly and some stays on the plate giving blotchy impression. 
5. GENTLY ROLL the silicone applicator over the plate to pick up the gel. Pushing straight down or too hard can cause smearing or uneven transfer.
6. PRACTICE YOUR PRESSURE - too much pressure and it will slide/smear your image and not enough and you will miss transfer of gel to silicone or your nail. You want to transfer the gel to nail with same gentle side to side roll you picked it up with - this roll allows you to get the sides of your curve in your nail and an even application - clean up the excess transfer on your finger with a cleanser wipe, pointed qtip and rubbing alcohol or you can use a 3rd party latex masking product or School glue DIY and peel it off (hoping GM comes out with its own but until then) 
7. Cure ONLY when excess is all cleaned from skin and you’re happy with your design. You can wipe off the design from nail and skin before it's cured with ease and try again but if you cure it you have to remove your whole polish to start over. 
8. Want a colour other than the 3 provided in the kit? You can mix a wee bit Polish into white gel on a silicone mat before applying to design. You can also do a coloured chrome application to the freshly cured stamped design to add pop!
9. When design is finished top your work with Clearly Frisky and cure! 
Already a pro? Do you have any tips for new users I haven’t covered? Drop me a comment below.
Be As Bold as Your GelMoment Nail Polish
Live. Laugh, Love
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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Saturday Comfort Food

Excuse the bed head - went out for my  brisk morning walk with Paul before I showered 🤣

Two healthy meals in today - brunch of Greek Omelette seasoned with Epicure!

Baked Ham with a side of “Loaded Scalloped” cauliflower. 


Also my Keto Nat and this evening enjoying a Better then Broth Salted Caramel with some Kiss my Keto chocolate MTC protein while watching the Queens Gambit.

Have an amazing day!
Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life

TOP 25 Polish Colours of 2020


How many of your favorites made the list???

#1 Clearly Frisky

# 2 Echoes Of Paris

#3 Champagne Toast

#4 Ballerina

#5 Lovee Dovee

#6 I Pink You!

#7 Maya's Cheeks

#8 Raven's Kiss

#9 Satin Princess

#10 Cloud 9

#11 Meet Me At The Chapel

#12 Tuti Cutie

#13 On Taupe

#14 Chandelier

#15 Apple Blossom

#16 Just Between Us

#17 London Dreams

#18 Scarlet Slippers

#19 In The Mood

#20 Beauty Queen

#21 Witchcraft

#22 Eye To My Soul

#23 Unspoken Love

#24 Sand Castles

#25 Sensationelle

Polish colours appear in the order of most units sold in 2020 through all 3 countries combined ... I am embarrassed  to say that despite being new that I already have all but the 3 I underlined ... one of the many perk of hosting a party and earning a 50% off coupon you can use it on the Build Your Own Collection and choose 11 polishes for more than 50% off because the kit already gives you a free one!


Be as Bold as your GelMoment Polish!

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life

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Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year -New determination!

 New Year so perfect time to push this stupid body of mine back into being healthy whether it likes it or not! I lost far too much of 2020 to auto immune challenges from the stress changes due to Covid brought! 


Thanks to lockdown the gym is closed so started the day with a nice brisk walk with Paul - the change in temp when we returned caused an asthma attack so took my meds and had a nap cause the steroids make me feel loopy.


Powered up with my Keto Nat with MitoPLEX electrolytes added for morning!


Had a late lunch of Guacamole inspired tuna salad!


And Epicure Tandoori chicken with caulirice veggies for dinner!


And later I will enjoy a Caramel Macchiato and Kiss my Keto hot chocolate combo as my evening snack to help balance out my macros for the day!  

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life 

New Year New Opportunity

 New Year - New Opportunities!


Are you looking to try something new? Have you ever considered the freedoms of being your own boss? Working virtually from home to bring in some extra income? Getting a great discount on products you love?


GelMoment is such an amazing company with a culture of empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their business at whatever level meets their personal goals and desires! I am so excited to share that opportunity with others too!


Whether you’re looking to be a kit napper, discount diva or a boss building babe now is the PERFECT time to give GelMoment a try ... risk free and savings on the new Enrollment Package! 

Check out the amazing deal that GelMoment is offering right now! 


  •  6 Mini Gel Polishes (Cherie D’Amour, Seaside Sundae, Echoes of Paris, Ballerina, Beauty Queen, Meet Me At The Chapel)
  •  4 Mini Teas (Inner Paradise, Second Chance, Dreams of Decadence, 3 O’Clock Pick Me Up)
  •  2 Mini Nail Spas (Fortify, Regenerating Serum)
  •  2 Mini Body Scrubs (Mango Passion Sugar, Lemongrass Salt)
  •  1 LED Lamp
  •  2 Mini Nail Files
  •  1 Cuticle Pusher
  •  1 Pack of 10 Cleansers
  •  1 Pack of 50 Gentle Care Removers
  •  1 Enrollment Beauty Bag 
  •  1 Nail Color Cards
  •  3 HairSpa Samples
  •  1 Product Catalog
  •  10 Polish Application Cards
  •  1 Distributor Guide
  •  1 Business Opportunity Brochure
  •  1 Distributor Party Guide
  •  5 Hostess Party Guides
  •  1 You're So Charming Brochure
  •  1 Leadership Program Brochure
  •  1 Gel Go Charm/Welcome Card
  •  1 Year eWallet & Website Fees

Join me on the GelMoment journey!

Be as Bold as your GelMoment

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