Monday, August 31, 2020


I wasn’t going to post but than figured it could be helpful to others who love someone with auto immune disease to understand by hearing stories from those who live with it! 
Thursday night I went to bed with a migraine, the weather had been stormy so that was nothing new. Friday I woke up and my right ear felt like someone had injected too much Novocaine into it - totally numb to the point of pain. Thought might be an ear infection/sinus infection cause I had been in the pool the week before so tried to go to a walk in clinic but as we are trying to find one that is actually open this numbness starts spreading across my face and my vision starts going blurry and nausea sets in and than I couldn’t feel fingers or toes on the right side within 45 minute progression - so Paul is understandably concerned I am having signs of stroke so off to Vic emergency room we go. 
14 hours later and dozen tests and doctors poking around my head and eyes and get the reassuring news I do indeed have a brain and it’s looking awesome as are all my arteries looking good ... no sign of stroke visible so they are assuming either this is an auto immune response to a virus I must have come in contact with, despite the masking and hand washing and physical distancing when I do venture outside my house, or it’s on slaughter of diabetic neuropathy but the state of my one eye is a concern- they give me some gel stuff for it. Have to put on every two hours. Tell me I have to come back Monday for more tests. I spent the weekend basically sleeping and doing the two hour eye treatments all weekend.
Came back to hospital this morning had bunch more tests done on the eyes - apparently for some unknown reason my right eye isn’t blinking at the same rate as the left eye and the lids not closing fully when I shut my eyes and who knows if that was doing on before numb face or not - but it was so severely dry and causing wonky vision fissure things like if a glass broke they gave me new drops and the gel for at night to put in to hopefully repair issue and than continue to do a maintenance drop after couple months.

So all good and easily treated but one more thing to monitor in my lovely auto immune journey cause they still are not sure what caused the numbness on right side of body - or why the eyes not blinking or closing like it should but fingers crossed for the random response to a virus and not the diabetic nephropathy thing.

It can be exhausting sometimes not knowing what you will wake up too in the morning and the feeling like you are a drain on your loved ones being constantly unwell! The worrying people think your crazy or making symptoms up in your head to be attention seeking. Specially when you go to Dr. and they can’t find anything concrete to pin your symptoms on so they seem to be 'guessing' too! 
For now I am grateful this seems like an easy fix and praying that it’s just a virus and is going to randomly go away just like it randomly showed up.
Be safe!!!
Live, Laugh Love
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Friday, August 7, 2020

Scrapbook Nerd Sketch Challenge

Having fun this week playing along with the Scrapbook Nerd & Friends Sketch challenge by the lovely Milena!

I just can not get enough of the Picket Fences BFF My Tribe stamp set! So many uses for this stamp set ... I think they would be perfect for a bride to be to use to make as their 'Please join by bride tribe' invites for bridesmaids!

Picket Fence - My Tribe Stamp
I paired it with leftover scraps from the lovely Vicki Boutin Wildflower & Honey patterned paper! I love these grid papers because they are prefect for both pocket scrapbooking AND quick card making!

Wildflower & Honey Mingle Paper - 718813522441

 I just love how it came together. I added the sentiment 'We are Better Together' from the Altenew Sentiment set Better Together. I am kicking myself for being a lazy stamper and not pulling out my stamperatus to stamp the sentiment because I did not get the crisp stamped sentiment that I wanted in my first try nor my second flip it over and try again so had to choose the best of the two rather than waste paper ... alas one of the ways you know it is hand made is those little imperfections!

Happy Stampin'

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
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