Saturday, April 16, 2016

Relax and Rewind those tired feet!

If you feet look like THIS crocodile skin after a long winter you totally need to try our the new "ReWind Overnight Foot Treatment" from Aloette because your soles could use some love.

The ReWind Overnight Foot Treatment is a unique Farm to Jar treatment that hydrates the soles overnight for a better tomorrow. 

Using the power of Turkish Myrtle Oil, this treatment promotes cellular turnover to energize the soles, smooth out skin texture and reduce the appearance of calluses. When you Re/Wind the stresses of the day in your sleep, you can wake up the next day for a better tomorrow!
Suggested application is to massage into clean and dry feet until fully absorbed. Once dry, put on socks and let the treatment work its magic overnight.

For myself I love to use it as part of my Saturday night self care routine - I know when did I get so old that Saturday nights became more about self care and less about social butterfly night at the bars but it is what it is! 

I like to give myself a 'home pedicure' for my feet with my most loved Aloette products! 

I start with a Restorative Enzyme peel ... cause this amazing product is not just for your FACE it is for anywhere you want to do an extra exfoliation of dead skin to allow for newer younger looking and feeling skin to emerge and what area of your body accumulates more dead skin than your FEET! 

The Restorative Enzyme peel is a wonderful alternative to harsh chemical peels using a combination of natural fruit extracts—including grapefruit, cucumber, papaya and pineapple—and containing Aloeganic aloe vera, our non-invasive 60-Second Miracle Peel gently smoothes and exfoliates without the use of abrasive acids or chemicals and with zero downtime.

I find beginning my foot pampering with this product like when using it for your face, allows the power of the products used afterwards to penetrate deeper into your skin layers - so in this case the awesomeness of the Turkish Mrytle to give even better results than on its own  - and well patience has never been my strong suit!

After my Enzyme peel I love to soak them in some warm water with the Essential Cleansing Oil Cleanser with its nourishing sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils is a perfect cleanser, add in some Relax bath salts with its subtle citrus-ginger aroma works to calm the mind for a more peaceful evening. as well as adding in a few drops of lavendar essential oil to help reduce the aches and pains from a long work week chasing after the littles! 


Once I have soaked them I use the Multi Action scrub a blend of natural almond meal and kaolin gently exfoliate any remaining 'dead skin' that was loosened during the soak portion and the honey, papaya extract and  aloe vera help to condition the skin! 

I than dry off my feet, clip any cuticles on the toes that might need attention and than a apply the Rewind Overnight treatment and because I cannot sleep with socks on I choose to seal that in with some of our awesome Body Butter Balm for added moisture an .... it really is an AMAZING pampering for the feet! 

Have an amazing day! 

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
Be Totallyawake4-life

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