Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Father's Day T-shit

Father's Day is coming soon - we love creating handmade treasures to show dad our love! Footprint T shirts are always a blast!

What You Need
  • Plain Tshirt
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Fabric Marker
  • Warm soap and water bucket

What You Do
  • Paint child's feet and let them walk across the tshirt - wash feet with soap and water. *Tip put down either an old sheet or something to protect your surface from excited feet that might not stay ON the shirt!
  • Repeat in multiple colors if desired
  • Allow to air dry! 
  • If child is not yet printing help them by adding a slogan such as "My child walks all over me" shown above or another we've done is "Following in Daddy's Footsteps"
Another idea to step it up a notch
  • We took photos of child with dad and printed onto iron on paper and put on the front. You can even edit the photo to add 'words' as well before printing on to the photo paper. (sorry no photos but did not have permission to show the kiddies faces online)

Have an amazing day!


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