Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Allergy Season Support

I use to suffer severely from seasonal allergies - I went years getting regular allergy shots trying to get them under control and had about two decades where they were 'mild symptoms' on occassion to the point I almost forgot how I use to suffer. 

However last couple years allergies decided to make a vicious come back ... just being outside in the yard had my eyes watering and me skin itching and I could not go anywhere NEAR my garden without breaking out in hives ... it caught me off guard and unprepared for what was available for supporting me and I suffered back with the trail and error of what would help but not THIS year! This year I got a jump start with the help of doTERRA and essential oil blends! 

Love the BREATHE line from doTERRA  ... the vapor stick, mints and oil blend rub helped get me through a nasty cold this past winter and its been a godsend this spring with the start of allergy season ... I have even been able to spend some time helping with the gardening with the help of the TriEase gels although admittedly kinda enjoying delegating that to my spouse cause while I love the look of a pretty garden I do not find weeding and tending the garden soothing relaxation at ALL would totally rather be on the deck sipping a lemon aid admiring his handiwork! 

 If you are a lover of the Breathe line or would like to try it JUNE is an awesome month ... you can earn several pieces from the line for FREE with a $200 PV US order! If you'd like more info about placing an order or how to get a wholesale discount so you can get even MORE of your favorite products at a savings please give me a shout!

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