Monday, February 4, 2019

Winter Lip Rescue review

This time of year is horrible for chapped lips at least for me!

I think between being outside with the kids every day and the winter colds resulting in mouth breathing my lips always get so chapped.

This is why I love my Aloette Oil Slick lip treatment combined with their Lip Difference lipstick to help combat my Winter Lips.

Oil Slick Lips features awesomeness such as Avocado, safflower seed and aloe vera which keep lips soothed and conditioned while vitamin E protects lips from environmental damage that dehydrates the skin. Its cooling massage applicator and ultra smooth texture makes the formula slick enough to wear alone or with lip color. I apply this first thing in the morning as well as before I go to bed.
This before and after photo shows how the lips are more hydrated and nourished and in less than 30 days lines and wrinkles in lips are diminished as well!

I pair my daily Oil Slick lip treatment with the Lip Difference which is easy for on the go 'reapplication' throughout the day  - made with the amazing certified organic aloe vera unique to Aloette it it is also packed full of nutrient rich oils such as Apricot, sunflower, jojoba, safflower and vitamin E. As well as being infused with orange and rosemary extract ... I love it because it does not taste like 'whale blubber' like some lipsticks do. It is light and has a refreshing flavor to it without being overpowering like some chap-sticks are. I think it is perfect as a 'chap-stick replacement' worn on its own as well as an amazing primer under your lipstick color to help color stay put and last longer.

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