Sunday, April 19, 2020

Do you ENJOy cleaning your floors?

I wished I had taken a before picture but I was wanting to get them done quick while the cats were sleeping and Paul is off doing the fresh produce restock but they were a mess of little cloudy muddy paw prints cause the girls come up from downstairs with cats litter feet so this area gets icky looking quickly even without the daycare crew here using the foyer and cubby area!

Less than 5 minutes to sparkly clean, polished and dry floors on my entire main floor - quickly move from ceramic to hardwood with ease!

The floor system is the BEST investment I have made not just savings or environmental footprint wise (that’s awesome too) but for me this was BEST investment in my BACK health - no more debilitating pain due to have to be scrubbing high traffic areas on my hands and knees and no more heavy “steam mop” that was a pain to lift or to have to stop to refill as I went but on top of the physical pain it actually financially painful as the steam ruined the floors that were initially here when we bought the house causing the glue from the laminate to disintegrate and lift and shift and make a mess despite them saying it was “safe” for those floors!

Plus shhh but these are my original floor fibres I invested in that are technically well past the end of their recommended 3 years of life so they’ve totally paid for themselves well over in peace of mind at children and pets being able to play on these floors moments after they were cleaned, savings with no floor product being needed in over 3 years, the reduced environment footprint that represents but the most IMPORTANT benefit is that they are so light weight and easy to use I have no PAIN from doing the floors which makes it a reality that, with how many people are through them daily, I don’t mind having to do these areas a couple times a week to keep on top of the dirt tracked in from the front door or from the kitty’s litter!

Thank you @lynngrushka  and ENJO IMO every house with floors needs the Enjo floor system to make their lives easier!

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