Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Protecting Play in the Covid Era


Love the wise wisdom of Sally over at Fairy Dust Teaching as always ... the Covid era requirement to physically distance goes against everything in our nature as advocates of the early years, of how children learn and the vital role of PLAY for all learners but specially for young learners!

Physically distancing flies in the nature of all of that but if we are forced to be doing it in order to be open and offering program we definitely need to get creative in ensuring that our programs are still based in true play invitations and in a manner that is still welcoming and able to move and flow with children's interests and needs - our children do not belong in a 'taped box' on the floor!

Sally has a great blog post to go with this here:
Some of the other 'space definers' I have used in my own program to create individual play invitations are mirrors (if you apply duct tape to the back of a mirror it helps to create an inexpensive break resistant option as if it does get dropped the pieces all stay stuck to the tape) .... not only do they define a play space but they also provide explorations in reflection, depth, patterning and more learning through explorations!
Another option for defining play spaces are the slip mats for in a sink that have 'squares' in them .... they create natural 'grid and patterning' invitation for children when loose parts are added to them! Can also be added to the top of a light table as well!
Another add on idea is the good ole ice cube tray with loose parts added .... here the children are exploring with water and pipettes to create lots of color recipes! 

Final offering today for individual invitations to play is the under the bed rubbermaid container ... they are perfect for water, sensory and small world play invitations and they stack and store out of the way when not in use!

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