Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bright Baubles

OK I already loved the Bright Baubles Bundle but seeing this Artisan team member inspiration and now he layered them to really make them POP I want it even more!!! 

So intricate and elegant! They’d look lovely hanging on a tree too! I just love making paper ornaments for my tree! 

Tombow glue is perfect for intricate gluing and dries clear. A little trick I use if I need a really intricate dab of glue is make a puddle in my silicone mar and use the paper poker to dot on OR I use a sponge and dab the glue onto sponge and than dab onto the paper dies for a nice even application.
Here is the entire Bright Baubles bundle!
Photo credit and full details here: 

Happy Stampin’ 


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