Friday, May 13, 2022

Weekend Creative Challenge #5

  Happy FriYAY! 

Nurturing one’s creativity is SO key to helping to ensure a healthy mindset … human beings are all born with an instinct to express themselves through creativity but sometimes external factors impede peoples abilty to engage in creative expression and so their full healthy mindset is also impeded! We need to get back to ensuring that everyone has at least ONE creative outlet for expressing themselves. 

So here’s another instalment of the Weekend Creativity Challenge - each week I will post a photo prompt that you can use to get your creativity mojo going! 

Choose from the photos colours or imagery or just the general feeling/emotion that it brings to your heart! 

You can create with whatever medium speaks to you and inspires you! There are so many ways to nurture one’s creative soul! 

Here’s my inspiration 

What’s your favorute way to nurture creativity?
Here are just a few of mine:
  • Colouring 
  • Mixed media / Painting
  • Papercrafting
  • Fun Nail designs
  • Poetry/Short Story/Blog writing

Snap a photo of your creative work and share it in my Totallyawake4-life community group by the following Thursday night at midnight to get your name entered into the draw! 

Bonus entry if you share the creative prompt and your entry on your own social media in a public setting and tag my Totallyawake4-life & Nailin’ It Together group and use the hashtag #TA4L005 
I will be doing a monthly prize draw inside the group here from all the creative entry’s shared and that show up tagged outside the group (remember the settings needs to be public otherwise I cannot search the hashtag to see them)  … let’s help spread the joy and benefits of creativity together 💗

Come join us for more Self care, motivation and clean living fun and tips as well! 

Here’s a few google images for adult colouring if you need an extra prompt to get your creativity flowing.

Happy Stampin’ 
Live, Laugh Love 
Be Totallyawake4-life

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