Saturday, October 3, 2015

Celebrating Milestones

I am so very excited to see the changes in the scale since stating my journey to master better clean eating, making the choice to remove 'grains' from my diet since the traditional gluten free  diet was not working for managing my Celiac Disease and accompanying auto immune diseases as well as giving the #21DayFix programs menu planning and portion control guide a try combined with a modified exercise regime until I can get my back strong enough to try the workout videos that come with the #21DayFix program! 

Not only am I seeing changes in the numbers on the scale but am seeing much better numbers on my glucose reader for the first time in a decade seeing consistent readings that are under 6 throughout the day and I have maintained that while being weaned off the metformin which I no longer wanted to take cause of its side effects. Still awaiting results on my thyroid levels but I feel I am sleeping better, have more energy and my skin is starting to really improve!  

This is my 'vision board' I have created ~ designed to help keep me on track with motivational quotes, images and reminders of what my goals are. 

I set it as my computer desktop so every time I sit down to menu plan or work it help me be reminded of the healthy women 'underneath the weight' that is just awaiting to reemerge. It helps me to reduce my urge to 'snack' and it helps me to plan well for the week.The progress I have been making I am so confident that before Fall 2016 I will see her once again! 

I have a goal to be able to fit back into the shorts I am wearing in the upper right corner and yes I am a horder I have saved them because I loved them so much and was optimistic that 'one day' they would be of use again! As you can see by this photo on the right I have a ways to go between my size 20 shorts from this summer and the tiny size 4 shorts I wore back in 1999 ... but the great news is that those size 20 sorts are not 'looser' and a size or two closer to 4!

Have an amazing day
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much


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