Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Justin Trudeau

This opinion piece by Casandra Effe on Facebook that is going viral is well written and wanted to share it with those who might not 'Facebook' as well as my own take on it!

"Hey Justin. I’m Casandra, and I’m an average west coast, middle class mom voter. You and I are the same age. I have so much to learn in terms of diplomacy and leadership, and so I’m guessing you acknowledge this in yourself too. This is going to be quite the ride for you and I.

I have a pit in my stomach because I just stood behind a cardboard box with a lump in my throat, feeling like I was gambling my life away. I think that’s the seed of what’s churning in my belly… in a democracy, why do I feel like I have to “play my cards” when I vote? How many millions of us gambled today on whatever bet would be “not harper”?

My country’s electoral system throws away all votes that don’t “win”. This last election's votes meant two thirds of us weren't represented at all. That's crazy! I need you to know that even though I put my X next to your name, I did not vote for you. I voted against the alternative. And so with this knowledge, and knowing millions of other Canadians just made the same decision out of pure rage and fear, I hope you can do a few things in your newfound position. 

Since the internet loves “Top Ten!” lists, here’s mine for you:
  1. Get real about your win. Accept it with humility and modesty, and treat your fellow left politicians with respect and gratitude, for it is THEIR supporters who got you here with your sweeping majority, and not your own.
  2. Change our electoral system. Be brave enough to see the big picture and not just for whom our voting system will immediately benefit. Be strong enough to face those that disagree or may lose their roles because a better system is needed for the health of our country. Be the one to recreate what democracy is in Canada. You have the chance to make history for your Trudeau name (round two), and what a magical gift that is… to have the ability to create a legacy.
  3. Rebuild Canada’s name on the world stage. I was once proud to sew my flag on my backpack. Now, I’m ashamed of my country. We can become peacekeepers again. We can be examples to the world of how we educate our youth, support our vulnerable people, and protect our mountain streams. We can disagree with the United States, and we don’t have to be business partners with countries that commit horrific crimes against humanity. We can be a world leader in more ways than one.
  4. Please don’t be bought. Your rewards for strength of character, your ethics, and being a true voice for Canada’s people today and 100 years from now will bring you far greater reward. Turn your back to those companies and lobbyists that think they can buy you (and Canada) in exchange for decisions that financially reward a few today and hurt people for generations.
  5. Protect our rare and natural resources and don’t get caught in the jargon. Climate Change, global warming, carbon emissions… the jargon is divisive. There are certain decisions that clearly DO destroy this blue planet upon which we survive, and those that don’t. I recognize the harvesting of our forests, minerals, metals and oil bring jobs and money to our country, but consider moderation, balance, and sustainable practices, instead of debating the validity of the “climate change” phrase.
  6. Related to #5 above, but worthy of its own number… please create fair subsidy practices. Either stop subsidizing oil, or start subsidizing energy alternatives. Refer to #4.
  7. Support science. Rebuild our libraries and the information learned from thousands of reputable, skilled scientists over decades in Canada. Support a system to archive this information rather than destroy it.
  8. Support an unbiased public information forum. Maybe this is the CBC. Maybe not. But probably… yes… the CBC. I’m guessing a truly democratic country thrives on the sharing of information that is non-partisan, non-religious, non-corporate, for the benefit of having an educated, engaged populace. Refer to #4.
  9. Listen and communicate in real ways - no political mumbo jumbo say-nothing jibberjabber. We’re all just people, and we all deserve to be spoken to with honesty and respect, even if it’s not decisions we agree with. We’re talking inclusion, veterans, aboriginal women, veterans, jobs, refugees, pot, the justice system, the TPP, pipelines, healthcare, the senate and government corruption. And it doesn’t stop there. Good luck, but a good start is always good communication.
  10. Bill C-51. Fix that thing. That’s like a bad sci-fi movie happening in real life. I can’t believe you voted for that in the first place. Refer to #3.
Thanks for your consideration.

What Cassie has said here is inspiring ~ regardless of who you voted for yesterday NOW is the time to let the Liberals know what we need and expect as Canadians ... the Liberals made promises in their platform but those are not actual policy or plans yet. PLEASE the election process is not over just because we've voted yesterday and a 'winner' was announced ... NO ONE HAS WON YET not until we see the change they promised and it truly does benefit Canadians ;) 

Please do not wait 4 years quietly watching bad choices or policy be made again and occasionally vent about it in social media where it may or may not be seen by those who can actually affect change as has happened for the past two elections. 

Do not sit back and do nothing during the next four years and than complain about what they did or did not do do during their term as we head into the polls! 

Our new MP's that were elected yesterday they SERVE US the little people, they SERVE the RIDING that elected them and they are our VOICE in Ottawa and they need to know what their riding needs / wants / expects of them!

The Unions, Big Business, certain large Advocacy groups all have a LOUD voice in Ottawa about what they 'need' because there is someone being paid to make sure they are heard there ~ we the LITTLE PEOPLE do not. Our MP they need FEEDBACK from the LITTLE PEOPLE and BEFORE the leader of their party unveils their 'big policy changes' otherwise without our voice they listen to the whispers of those who stand to gain from advocating for one thing at the expense of another that benefits only the group they are being paid to represent! The reality is that is how POLITICS works! 

I encourage everyone to be like Casandra write to Justin Trudeau​ and the MP representing your riding and let them know YOUR top 10 as we head into our new government.

Do it NOW during the first 100 days as they 'form' their new policies and so forth!

I know I will be getting my thoughts together about what I like about their platforms and what scares the crap out of me as a taxpayer and what they can do to help alleviate that fear for myself as a voter as they move forward specially if they want to help ensure that they get to serve more than just the 4 years that this election of 'anyone but Harper' appears to have bought them. 

They said they can 'be the REAL change we need' but now let them PROVE THAT by listening to the people about the CHANGE THEY WANT! 

Have an amazing day! 

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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