Monday, October 5, 2015

Man Flu

Anyone else have this going through their house?

Does anyone else understand the Man Flu epidemic?

Today my other half is home from work curled up in a ball on the couch and needing some 'rest and quiet' to recover from what appears to be a serious case of the #ManFlu aka a runny nose and scratchy throat!

Me, same symptoms, but it is work as usual and if I am lucky after I finish working today and rush to the Chiropractor between making everyone dinner and cleaning up from that, fold the three loads of laundry from their weekend away reenacting ... nothing like a laundry room that smells like sweaty wet wool ... I hope to squeeze in time to go to the gym (because for some reason I do not burn enough calories chasing after 5 boys all day long for my body to actually 'loose weight' without at least 4+ hours a week of additional torture at the gym) but once I am done all that hopefully I will have some time for a Epsom salts foot soak with some Breathe and Lavender before I drop into bed to get rested for another day of the same ... just amazing to me that I never seem to succumb to #Manflu even when I am living in the house with it 24/7? 

For me getting the common cold means throwing some Flu Be Gone below in the diffuser, some lemon and honey in my tea, using some Flu Be Gone with a carrier lotion on my chest and bottoms of feet and going on about chasing after 5 boys all day long and telling my body 'no time to be sick right now' and this year with the added 'grain free' boost to my immunity hoping that it will actually listen!

So do you have to deal with #ManFlu in your home? What's your tips?

Have an amazing day
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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