Saturday, November 28, 2020

Gentle Removal

While the GelMoment polish can last for up to 14 days depending on your nail bed - eventually you are gonna want to remove it to try a new colour! One of the benefits of the GelMoment DIY from home system is GENTLE REMOVAL options! .

We have two options for customers depending on preference - today we are gonna focus on the Gentle Remover Pads. Come back tomorrow to see the Magic that is Flake off! 

The Gentle Remover pads come in a box of either 50 for $8.75 or 100 $15

All you need to do with these ones is gently buff the shine off your polish,  tear open a package pop your finger inside so that the pad is on top of the nail bed and than wrap it up on itself using the adhesive strip - repeat for all 5 fingers! Wait 5-10 minutes and than gently push the polish off with the flat end of a cuticle pusher. Repeat with the other hand - you can do both hands at once if your skilled but I prefer to have a hand free to scroll social media while I am removing!

If you are finding the pouches hard to keep on your fingers we also have handy clips to help add additional pressure of the pad onto the nail bed and hold the pouches in place! 

A little video of the process for the visual learners! 

Be as Bold As your GelMoment Nail Polish

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