Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Magic of Flake Off by GelMoment!

Our easy non toxic removal options are one of the things I fell in love with first when introduced to GelMoment! I know that years of having the salon remove my polish with a dremel has greatly affected the thinning of my nail bed - I am hopeful that changing to this safe removal system will help to restore my natural nail health over time!

Flake Off is one of two options for safe removal process - 5 Free and Acetone Free!  - it is memorizing to watch it work its magic!  

It is so cool to watch it gently bubble and lift it up!

A little video of the Flake off in action so you can see how easy it just lifts op and you push it off! If you have really dry nail beds or several layers of polish on it may take a repeat application - do not SCRAP your nail bed just gently push the polish off.


Be As Bold as your GelMoment Nail Polish!

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