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Nail Art Stampin Kit trouble shooting tips


The new Nail Art Stamping Kit is all the rage right now - so popular it keeps going out of stock so if you want one grab it again soon before its gone again!
Kit instructions:

Kit Contents:

 Trouble shooting tips
1. Make sure to remove the blue protective film from the plates - despite the instructions on the card that comes with the kit many customers aren’t catching that instructions to remove that film so they start playing but the gels not giving a good print cause their not getting full coverage or impressions with the film still on.
2. There are two ends of the dual ended stamping applicator a large and small end depending on how much coverage you want and your nail bed size. Remove the CAP from the end of the applicator that you want to use for your size nails in order - some customers have not realized there was a cap that came off and have instead been applying the “replacement” silicone pads provided in the kit to the cap top and this doesn’t stick properly and slides around or it falls off mid application causing frustration - the applicator ends has a firm edged hole to insert your silicone replacements in when needed to replace so they are secure and don’t move or slide around when you apply. 
3.Less is more - you only need a tiny bit of gel. Too much and it smears everywhere and you have waste of your lovely gel!
4. Angle is everything ... place gel at the edge of the design you want and scrap the gel down plate slowly and firmly at a 45 angle to evenly push the gel into the design while keeping plate clean from gel. Too much gel or moving to quickly and some stays on the plate giving blotchy impression. 
5. GENTLY ROLL the silicone applicator over the plate to pick up the gel. Pushing straight down or too hard can cause smearing or uneven transfer.
6. PRACTICE YOUR PRESSURE - too much pressure and it will slide/smear your image and not enough and you will miss transfer of gel to silicone or your nail. You want to transfer the gel to nail with same gentle side to side roll you picked it up with - this roll allows you to get the sides of your curve in your nail and an even application - clean up the excess transfer on your finger with a cleanser wipe, pointed qtip and rubbing alcohol or you can use a 3rd party latex masking product or School glue DIY and peel it off (hoping GM comes out with its own but until then) 
7. Cure ONLY when excess is all cleaned from skin and you’re happy with your design. You can wipe off the design from nail and skin before it's cured with ease and try again but if you cure it you have to remove your whole polish to start over. 
8. Want a colour other than the 3 provided in the kit? You can mix a wee bit Polish into white gel on a silicone mat before applying to design. You can also do a coloured chrome application to the freshly cured stamped design to add pop!
9. When design is finished top your work with Clearly Frisky and cure! 
Already a pro? Do you have any tips for new users I haven’t covered? Drop me a comment below.
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