Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year New Opportunity

 New Year - New Opportunities!


Are you looking to try something new? Have you ever considered the freedoms of being your own boss? Working virtually from home to bring in some extra income? Getting a great discount on products you love?


GelMoment is such an amazing company with a culture of empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their business at whatever level meets their personal goals and desires! I am so excited to share that opportunity with others too!


Whether you’re looking to be a kit napper, discount diva or a boss building babe now is the PERFECT time to give GelMoment a try ... risk free and savings on the new Enrollment Package! 

Check out the amazing deal that GelMoment is offering right now! 


  •  6 Mini Gel Polishes (Cherie D’Amour, Seaside Sundae, Echoes of Paris, Ballerina, Beauty Queen, Meet Me At The Chapel)
  •  4 Mini Teas (Inner Paradise, Second Chance, Dreams of Decadence, 3 O’Clock Pick Me Up)
  •  2 Mini Nail Spas (Fortify, Regenerating Serum)
  •  2 Mini Body Scrubs (Mango Passion Sugar, Lemongrass Salt)
  •  1 LED Lamp
  •  2 Mini Nail Files
  •  1 Cuticle Pusher
  •  1 Pack of 10 Cleansers
  •  1 Pack of 50 Gentle Care Removers
  •  1 Enrollment Beauty Bag 
  •  1 Nail Color Cards
  •  3 HairSpa Samples
  •  1 Product Catalog
  •  10 Polish Application Cards
  •  1 Distributor Guide
  •  1 Business Opportunity Brochure
  •  1 Distributor Party Guide
  •  5 Hostess Party Guides
  •  1 You're So Charming Brochure
  •  1 Leadership Program Brochure
  •  1 Gel Go Charm/Welcome Card
  •  1 Year eWallet & Website Fees

Join me on the GelMoment journey!

Be as Bold as your GelMoment

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life 

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