Sunday, June 26, 2022

Natural Sunscreen & bug repellent in one

 It’s that time of year again! 

Homemade Natural Sunscreen Ingredients
1 cup almond oil (natural SPF 5)
1/2 cup coconut oil (natural SPF 4)
1/2 cup cocoa butter chips
1/2 cup beeswax chips
4 Tablespoons Non-nano Zinc Oxide (natural SPF 2-20)
2 teaspoon Red Raspberry Seed Oil (natural SPF varies 28-50)
2 teaspoon Carrot Seed Oil (natural SPF varies 38 - 40)
2 tablespoons Shea Butter (natural SPF 4-5)
2 tablespoon Mango Butter
1 bottle doTERRA Terrashield bug repellent 

Using a double boiler method add all ingredients except essential oil into the pot and melt together until smooth. Suggest wearing a face mask when adding the zinc powder or being VERY careful not to inhale when in powder form. Once bees wax is well melted and blended into the mixture let simmer on low for about 20 minutes to ensure that your lotion does not get 'gritty' when it cools. Take off burner and allow to cool a bit before adding essential oil as heating oils can reduce effectiveness.  

Pour into a glass mason jar or air tight container and allow to cool.

Apply 20-30 minutes before sun exposure.

Be sun safe!

Live, Laugh, Love
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