Monday, January 6, 2020

Peaceful Poppy inspired layout

2020 crating goal is to stop neglecting my scrapbooking so joined a cropping group on Facebook called Scrapbooking Global - Stampin' Up!  that’s specific to Stampin’ Up! They have monthly challenges and lots of layout inspirations! 
Inspired me to get busy this weekend - so this is my layout from the January 2020 challenge inspiration layout. I reoriented a bit to be able to see the most of the gorgeous Peaceful Poppy DSP ... I shamefully admit that I rarely journal on the actual front part of the layout and am more the type to hide my journal in a pocket behind so I didn’t add that feature and left the space for the poppy’s to show through 💕

I still need to print my photos - I tend to wait until I have a layout all done and then print the photos to fit the mats plus sharing them photo free will hopefully help you to imagine how gorgeous your own photos would look on those mats ... shameless marketing or lazy scrapbooked you decide 🤣

Seriously if you have not checked out the Peaceful Poppy suite yet hop on over to my website and check it out - it’s SO STUNNING! Makes pulling together projects so easy! 
Happy Stampin’

Live well, Laugh Often, Love Much
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