Saturday, February 8, 2020

Are there any ECE who enjoy engaging in the CPL?

This question was asked in a CPL group on Facebook today!

My response - admittedly it took me a bit to get going because it was a different way of documenting so yes it felt like just more needless paper work but once I realized I was making it more work than it actually needed to be and now have a groove I can see how this benefits me as a professional and if done properly should benefit the industry as a whole!
Like so many ECE I have always engaged in PD over my now 30 years in the field. I find attending workshops, webinars, reading and networking helps me retain my passion for why I do this emotionally and physically exhausting work year after year. Coworkers have always teased me about being a PD junkie  

However admittedly as much PD as I engage in the 'reflection' afterwards of really reflecting on HOW am I going to transfer that new knowledge into my practice and truly following through on it has sometimes been lacking. I would just file the info away in my head but not really change or introduce it into my work. So it is that aspect of the CPL and having to put my goals and plans in writing to make me accountable not only to myself but to the CPL process that I think is actually MOST important part of the CPL and a part of my practice was lacking prior to engaging in the formal CPL process! 

After 30 years in the field I have seen first hand over and over A+ ECE students join the field full of passion and who have all this knowledge in their HEAD but when it comes to their actual practice they cannot get that knowledge out and put it to use within the program ... and when it comes to managing a group of children fact is that knowledge is not enough we need to be able to turn that knowledge into functioning skills!

IMO that is where the reflection and plan of action pieces of the CPL come into play ... sure we read an article or took a webinar on documentation or trauma based practice or autism or whatever but how did it actually change our practice because if we go back to work and keep doing the same ole same ole that 'professional development' was not development at all

That is my two cents on the CPL!

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