Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Why do ECE have to do self assessments?

Seeing this question a lot in CPL support groups! 'I already did the self assessment do I have to do it again at the start of a new two year cycle?'

Yes, we we do - there’s a chart on the college website that shows what you need to do in year one vs year two of the cycle. So if you’ve completed a full two year cycle than you start back at Year One is doing a new self assessment, new learning plan, and new record of learning for the new cycle.
In my opinion a new self assessment is required because over course of two year period the field changes - so there could be new regulations that effect our work, new laws that affect our work, new research on best practices and so forth may have emerged that would affect our work, our roles change as we might get promoted or have a student to mentor for first time, our job focus changes throughout our career or we change employers, we change our setting from centre to school or early years program or what not. Plus even if nothing at all like that has changed ideally as a RECE with two more years under our belt we’ve GROWN and that might change our self assessment reflections 😉

I love this quote from John Dewey .... the reflection component of the College of ECE's Continual Professional Learning process is the MOST important part of the process. The Self assessment has us reflect on our work in relation to the Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice for the profession. After engaging in professional learning taking the time to truly reflect on not only what we gained from the experience but how we plan to use that to implement change or improvement in our practice!

I have engaged in continuous professional learning for over 30 years now. I am a dedicated life long learner as it is how I recharge my energy and soul to ensure that I remain passionate about our field. However I am grown enough to admit that the 'reflecting' on the professional learning I engage in to ensure that I actually transfer that new knowledge into working practice has sometimes been lacking. There is little use to have a brain full of amazing knowledge and book smarts galore if we struggle to actually implement that in our daily lives with the children, families and community partners we work with!

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