Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Faced with facts still denying reality

So the other day there was a lot of debate from my share about the College of ECE having no control over the 3 components in the CPL that everyone hates and despite sharing the regulations that clearly state what the college does and does not control ECE are still feeling that the college could just scrap the process because it is just too time consuming.  

So this is my response to that - YES when reading the regulations they do have 'some' control but my whole point of the post with links to the Education Act and the Regulations specific to the CPL was there are certain things legally required of the College to ensure they have as part of the process - so like it or not the self assessment, the learning goals and the record of learning components are all required under the Act's regulations. As are keeping records and the auditing process to cull that members are actually engaging. The framework of the CPL is set out by the Act and it is not going anywhere easily! The Ford government is making cuts to education they are not going to be willing to open the purse strings to revisit amending regulations for early childhood educators around professional development!
So sure within those required regulations the college has wiggle room around how those 3 steps look. So they could perhaps be able to streamline the self assessment portion somehow but the self assessment is something that needs to be done 'consistent across membership' under the Act so we all need to be using the same process/benchmarks to assess ourselves so the Expectations of Practice seems that standard benchmark since job descriptions are so vastly different they would not be a consistent benchmark, they could require us to have MORE or less learning goals than the 3 over 2 year period they could have chosen 3 annually for example. And yes they could choose to control how much PD is actually required of members in a quantitative manner and perhaps give us a stricter amount of hours or really stringent lists of what would qualify as PD.

IMO within the current process they have chosen around the actual 'pd' actually gives US a whole lot of that control back. Aside from the self assessment and dictating that we must have 3 goals over a 24 month period they have given a very broad definition of what PD actually is - technically this right here having this conversation could be PD under the current flexible guidelines if I had mentoring other ECE on the CPL completion as a goal.

So if we only want to do 3-5 PD activities a year or heck spread that over the whole 2 year period that is OUR choice the College has no quantitative definition under the CPL as how much or how little PD you actually must engage in as long as you complete the 3 step process required under the laws mandated and do SOMETHING on your record of learning for each of those goals you are technically compliant!

So do we really not have the 'time' to do this? If we look at 'time' if we were to do ONE PD activity under each goal over a 12 month period - so that is 1 activity every 4 months and it can be as little as reading a 5 minute article online and doing a little 5 minute 'this is what I learned/found interesting and this is how to plan to apply that to my practice' .... that is 10 minutes of PD and do that 3 x per year - 30 minutes out of our 43,800 minutes or 60 minutes of our time out of 87, 600 minutes of our life in a two year period. I think so many ECE are blowing this 'time it takes' up in their minds into something it actually isn't ... some people will always go way above and beyond what is required and that is their journey but if you just want to meet the requirement - stick to the space they give us in the forms. There is not a whole lot of space there for TWO years of PD. Read the samples on the college website - they are not complicated and they all stick within the space allotted in the forms.
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