Thursday, December 10, 2020

Supporting your local small businesses is more important than ever!

Love this message!

We all know that Covid has been so hard on everyone but those on the bottom of the pyramid of our culture - the small guy the front line work and the small independent local businesses have been hit SO hard because they do not have the huge profit buffers that the wealthy and large chain stores do to suddenly adapt to the changes Covid has brought! 
I am one of those who suddenly found their small early learning business as well as my side hustles closed due to Covid restrictions and unexpectedly without an income and unfortunately with no 'financial buffer zone' of savings because there is no profit n the early learning sector and the years prior had been lean due to changes in my field making it harder to be fully enrolled despite the demand FOR childcare services the 'rules' make it hard to meet that demand! 

Supporting small local business is a passion of mine - now do not get me wrong it is not that I want to send the message that having dreams to grow ones business 'BIG is wrong or that business franchises/chains or large corporations are inherently known for putting profits above customer service. I shop franchise/chains/big business too it is just that when it comes to certain goods and services where I have a choice to support one or the other I prefer to kind of personalized customer service that tends to come with the 'small family owned' type businesses! 
Supporting your local small businesses each and every day need not cost a penny .... positive word of mouth and referring those in your life who MAY or ARE looking to shop for something or find a local service is the next BEST thing .... reality is that when you take two seconds to write a positive review, when you follow them on social media, authentically engage in a post by commenting, liking or sharing things that speak to you from their business pages than you become their volunteer marketing team and you save them from having to spend huge amounts of money that are often not in the budget of small business just to 'sponsor/boost' posts on social media to get that same reach!
It costs you nothing but a click of your mouse but it benefits them greatly - like we say in early childhood education 'sharing is caring!
What can you do TODAY to support a local small business? ?Tell us about YOUR favorite local small business in the comments! 
Live. Laugh. Love
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