Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Cannot get enough of this new creative medium

When you are stuck at home due to Covid you start to go snaky! Over the last 10 months I have felt my mental health teetering due to the stress of not working, the stress of impacts of Covid on not seeing friends and family in person and the limited access to my normal 'self care' routines due to salons being either closed or the risk with my auto immune challenges being to great.

Finding GelMoment has been a godsend - I know that seems like an over extreme reaction - but it has combined both a little stress relief as a potential source of income AND much needed self care rituals in doing my own nails and having a creative outlet in the process! 

I am loving the Creativity kit - it is perfect for anyone who loves to get creative with their nails! 

 It comes in this gorgeous pink satin roll out storage bag - so all your tools are at your finger tips and makes you feel like a professional!

15 brushes and 5 double ended dotting tools allow for a huge amount of variety in creative strokes and designs!
This here was my first attempt at using the kit - inspired by designs off Pinterest - you have got to love Pinterest for inspiration for all things - it is heaven for those of us who are visual learners and thinkers!

I cannot wait to get some more practice in on my own nails too - but right now I am still sporting an amazing design done by a friend last week who wanted to play on real nails too and I am hoping I can make it last a few more weeks before I have to take it off! 
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