Monday, January 18, 2016

Beauty of Brows

They say that your eyebrows are the picture frame of your face ... if you google eyebrows you will find  articles about what is 'wrong' about your eyebrows and how to fix them and so forth so you do not end up being the focal point of memes like these where instead of using make up to accentuate their natural beauty what they are doing with their brows is instead distracting from their natural beauty. 

In my youth I was oblivious of the 'eye brow' challenges that others faced as I personally never really paid attention to my eyebrows ~ they were just sort of there framing my face naturally! Whenever I went for a facial at the dermatologist to deal with my acne struggles the esthetician would ask 'who does your brows they are perfect' and I would be like 'um Mother Nature? Unfortunately she did not pay so close attention to my skin complexion so I totally need some help with that please!" 

But when I hit my late 20's things changed not only with my skin struggles but oh my the hair ~ it started growing in all sorts of places it had never before ~ so suddenly trying to control not only a challenging skin complexion of psoriasis and cystic acne but dealing with a bushy uni-brow, a mustache and chin whiskers deciding to set in  ... GAH  talk about feeling like my Great Grandma these were things that were totally not welcome specially before my 30th birthday! 

Sadly they were a side effect of Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome that had decided to run full force on me ~ a nasty disease that can totally wreck havoc on ones self esteem as their hormones are out of whack and their body seems to be at war with itself!

During this time with everything going on with my body I will admit I stopped being so concerned about my 'appearance' and was sinking into battling that depressive state of mind of 'whats the point' 'life is too hard' ... I honestly did not love my self so much so how could I expect anyone else too so whats the point of worrying when there is so much more going on and so forth. It was one of those 'dark times' in ones life where if I had a time machine I would go back and tell myself that this too shall pass and it will pass QUICKER if you push yourself to get up every morning and continue to engage in self care! To love yourself enough to have a shower, put on clean clothes, brush your hair and put a pretty hair accessory in that makes you smile or a splash of some color on your eyes or whatever gives you that extra umph of confidence in your step to deal with everything ELSE going on maintain your routine of self care for for OTHERS but for YOURSELF!  Do not give up on yourself because it takes twice as long to recover once you've done that! Fortunately I did recover with help of friends and a great therapist ~ I found strategies to deal with the PCOS and other challenges that were sucking me into a dark place of depression and focus on the great things I had in my life amiss those challenges!  

While I made great progress in those areas ALAS I will admit I never did master my own eyebrow shaping! So mostly I just wore my bangs long enough you could not SEE my merging uni-brow and if a special occasion was coming than I would go to the esthetician for a brow fix so I could wear my hair up cause the dermatologist did not cover 'waxing'  during my regular sessions there! 

Now along came this cool little product from Aloette to the rescue so I can now practice mastering my brows at home!  

For those who might also struggle with 'what shape is the right shape' I found this handy cheat sheet on google search for helping to determine what shape helps to frame a face not sure the original origin to give credit to as it was not attached to a website just the image showed up when I clicked it. 

Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
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