Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year ~ New Vision

Manifesting your VISION for 2016

While I totally subscribe to the philosophy that every DAY is a chance to start new I just love New Year ~ mostly for its tradition of being a time of reflection for everyone, turning that new page in  your book and having a' blank slate' to create your next chapter! Setting goals for  your life and even for just that moment 'living your life with intention' rather than just letting life and time run away on you ... the KEY that many people seem to miss is that this is something one needs to KEEP doing every day as they turn the pages in their book otherwise you tend to fall off your wagon that you set in motion on that 'New Year."

Part of the challenge with New Years resolutions is that so often, my past self include, we make wild resolutions for change in the New Year without a solid PLAN of what we REALLY want. This practice is sort of akin to jumping blindly into a passing wagon and hoping it goes where we want it too and then we are disappointed when  we either fall out of the wagon and go no where OR the wagon takes them in a direction we did not intend! 

To avoid that happening one must make sure that they are riding in a SMART wagon ~ a sustainable wagon with measurable and attainable goals, while engaging in the practice of reflecting daily on the state of the wagon and the direction its going so that in time you can be assured to get where you wanted to go in the first place!

As a huge fan of Bob Proctor's teachings and a firm believe in the Law of Attraction I am all about creating 'vision boards' for my upcoming year! A vision board can be 3D item where you cut out quotes and inspiring imagery or things you want to manifest in your life and adhere them to an actual board that is displayed in your home OR in the world of growing technology they can be a 'digital creation' that you create a collage in a program and save as your desktop or phone background .... the point being you want your Vision board to have a place of honor in your daily routine somewhere to SEE it regularly and to take a moment each day to intentionally reflect on the things you want to manifest in your life! 
I will often have several vision boards on the go for various aspects of my life. 

So for example this one is my 'health and wellness' vision board ... a digital collage that is filled with inspiring quotes, reminders and imagery for me to envision myself healthier, stronger and returning confidence!

It is part of my screen savor for my computer along with a couple other boards I created for last year! It helps me stay motivated each morning to make healthy choices in regard to my food, exercise and wellness goals!

In 2015 I had a vision board around BEING FEARLESS by letting go of 'fear' which often held me back in both my personal and professional life and manifest confidence in myself and my abilities .... this vision board helped me to learn to find BALANCE in accepting that in order to say YES to trying more new things I needed to empower myself to start saying NO where needed as well! As a result I met lots of new people last year and tried new things like Ariel Yoga, Art classes and even made a few phone calls with less phobia setting in (that is still a work in progress). I let go of a few things in my life that were no longer bringing me joy and made changes that I was afraid to make. I changed my views on my Celiac disease from letting it control my life in a focus of all the things it prevented me from doing to instead viewing it as an opportunity to learn and try NEW things! I embarked on my 'grain free' living and with my new frame of mind no longer feel that this is 'depriving' me of things but rather is empowering me to find new ways to nourish my body in a manner that heals and empowers myself!

As we move into 2016 my goal is to continue on with my health and wellness journey as well is to manifest more ABUNDANCE in my life making better use of organizational tips and tricks to create more time for myself, for my family and for my passions! 

I am totally making a list of the things that make me happy and bring me joy and ensuring that there is BALANCE between that list and my daily to do list ... working to remove 'busy work' from my life of things that I have always done as part of my routine or work habits but that might not actually be things that NEED to be done in the grand scheme of things!   

In 2016  is my year to LIVE in ABUNDANCE ... I vow to laugh more and worry less, to dream bigger, to truly live in the moment, be joyous, to add more meaningful memories and see the magic in the mundane moments, to continue to give with no expectations!

To have an abundance of time to CREATE more often and explore more mediums of art and definitely to READ more and most importantly an abundance of HEALTH and WELLNESS with increased energy, stamina and focus to keep me on track! 

So those are my 'resolutions' to myself ~ my VISION for 2016 as I move forward and my tips and tricks for actually manifesting them!

Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Can you relate to this?

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