Saturday, January 2, 2016

Anyone else 'getting healthier' in 2016?

 So typical New Year's goal is to 'be healthier' but what does that necessarily MEAN to people? 
For me it means working to ensure I continue to eat cleaner, get moving more and to ensure that I am fueling my body with what it needs as I am aging and my bodies needs change!

Part of that means overcoming my phobia of 'swallowing pills' and committing to taking multi vitamins and support and the other part means detoxing my body for the decades of nasty crap that I put in it my committing to doing a 'cleanse' that is designed to heal my gut and restore its balance so that my food can be properly absorbed and do its thing!! Once I have done that I plan to try doing a further 'elimination' diet for those who have auto immune issues to see if there are more foods aside from 'grains' that are causing me challenges. This will be a TOUGH one because it will mean giving up both dairy and nightshades for at least 30 days. I love my cheese and spicy foods so a month without and PEPPERS or foods from the pepper family is going to require a very strong VISION board to keep me on track!  

To make sure I am putting an 'action plan' behind my resolution I have signed up for a 7 Day guided DETOX with the amazing Ange Peters of Hol:Fit ~ a holistic nutritionist. The program comes with over 5 awesome videos full of amazing information and more support as part of the guided portion of the program! You can find out more about the Detox program and how to sign up HERE.  

Are you looking to get healthier in 2016? Want to join me on the Detox journey so you can start 2016 with a strong step forward? The next 'guided' journey will be happening Jan 25 - 31, 2016 but you can register now to get started on the pre-detox journey!  

Below is a chart of the essential oils and supplements that will help support you during your Detox and you can place your order for them HERE or give me a shout HERE and I can help set you up if you do not care for ordering online.

I am excited to see how this goes and how it helps with my overall health moving forward into 2016 ... going Grain Free has weaned me off my metformin and I would be stoked if I could heal my gut and metaloblism enough to wean off my thryoid medication! 

Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much


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