Monday, December 13, 2021

Favorite Ornaments and the Story behind them!

Over in my GelMoment  VIP group on Facebook we are sharing our favorite ornaments and the stories behind them!

This is one of my favorite ornaments - it’s a handmade memorial ornament for my fur baby Nevada who passed away little over three years ago.I rescued her in 2003 from a pot light in Las Vegas when on vacation ~ she was the light during a challenging time in my life!

Several months later we rescued Lily and Luna, not to replace her but to help fill the hole in our hearts she’d left behind! 

Since being infertile and having had my hysterectomy so young I had never had a “shower” of any kind so my amazing friends threw me a surprise “fur baby shower” with all sorts of fun stuff for the newest additions to our hearts and one of the gifts was this memorial ornament for our dear Nevada along with some adorable ones of Lily and Luna to add to our tree!
Every year I pop it up I remember not only how much we loved Nevada and what she brought to our lives but how much I really appreciated my friends in showering me with the only “baby shower” I am gonna have - a fur baby one!
Do you have a favorite ornament you'd like to share the story about?
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