Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Why I 💕 Direct Sales

I know that direct sales business get a lot of flack in the media but I just want to share this small glimpse into why I LOVE supporting my direct sales peeps and why I love being part of the direct sales community … because of little moments like this that show the true collaboration and support that IME represent the majority of the industry and how they have the backs of each other! I love how we can work together and pool resources so we can all thrive! 

This is a little warm fuzzy from a fellow GelSister in a Flyer/meme request community for distributors. Where those of us whose strengths lie in the creating digital content help out those whose strengths might be in making tutorials videos or showcasing nail art or what not that they share with us -  but the key is that these are independent business owners or what some in society would call “competitors” who all come together and SHARE because when we help one another rise we know we can all rise together! 

It took me a commercial break each on the show we were watching as a family to whip these up for my fellow gel sister! Plus I find creating relaxing and it’s a great support for my anxiety to use the creative side of my brain cause than the anxiety side can’t be up to being fixated on stupid stuff! 

IME Direct sales opportunities allow for people to work from home, set their own hours, to balance bringing in an income to support the household with the full time role of parenting and household maintenance! They allow people to CHOOSE how hard they want to work their business depending in their own needs, to work their business as a side hustle hobby or to strive to reach goals and rank up and to grow a team or not. IME they  also can provide an amazing opportunity to help people overcome fears, to push past their comfort and flourish in new ways! A good direct sales company offers lots of training and support to its members to help them not only build the business but to GROW as a human being! I personally belong to 4 different direct sales models and ALL of them offering this “sense of community and support” where they invest in building their teams up from the INSIDE out - that focus on when you are whole in mind, body and spirit than you can radiate that to those you want to help and serve in your business! An investment in the workforce that I honestly haven’t seen in my other career settings at least not as successfully. 

So for every one “Karen” out there who the media makes fun of for being pushy or aggressive and not taking NO for an answer in her selling approach pleas know that there are 100s of others who are just wanting to share what they love and help others, while earning an income and balancing work and life in a way that works for them that a “outside the home” gig just can’t offer! And for every crappy companies that doesn’t do anything to support its seller and basically preys in them to make quotas and that’s the end of it please know there are LOTS of other companies out there who truly do invest in their teams to ensure that they thrive in all areas of their lives! 

Be As Bold as Your GelMoment! 

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life 

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