Wednesday, January 5, 2022

What’s your must have time saving craft tool?

For me one of mine is the Stamperatus! It’s the BEST project saver - no more accidentally rocked the stamp lines on my projects, no more opps my fingers slipped and my stamp block landed in middle of my work and ruined my project! 

I also love this use shown here by a Stampin’ Up! Artisan team member to ensure you get the bold crisp stamp set for your project. Just makes the end results pop that much more! 

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there - I also love how it speeds up layered stamping projects or when creating custom orders for customers using the same design over! Saving my precious commodity of time and therefore money when doing multiple projects! 

Plus you can adjust the plates to create a cascade or grid pattern along a card without having to adjust the stamp or paper alignment itself - just move the plastic plate to the next slot over. 

IMO it is a must have when designing cards and scrapbook projects! 
What’s your must have project saving and time saving crafting tool? 

Happy Stampin’

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