Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Do you love bok choy?

 Do you 💕 bok choy 🥬?

If so how do you cook with it? Always looking for new ideas on ways to try it!!

Seriously I can’t believe I used to just walk by it all the time in grocery store and had no clue what I was missing until a couple of years ago my friend Lisa told me that it’s great in the Thai dishes from Epicure ... and she didn’t do me wrong! I am now a bok choy lover! 

How can you not love it - look at all the nutrition packed int it!

It is such a great texture of crunch and it adds a nice pair to the flavour our favourite Green Thai Curry ... nom nom nom! 

If your looking to add new healthy veggies to your palette this year Bok Choy is a must! It is now a staple for stir fry’s and soups for sure!

Bon Appetite 

Live, Laugh, Love
Be Totallyawake4-life 

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