Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Elf on the Shelf ~ Envelopes of Joy

Ian the Elf came twice today ~ we made our playdoh in the morning and in the afternoon he sent us an invitation to send out some cards to soldiers an idea he was inspired to do while reading over my shoulder Christine Vandenbor's More Joy Better Life Own Your Life, Own Your Joy series!

 December 2nds challenge is mail a thank you card to a Canadian Solider overseas. The info on how this program works can be found here and you can find a list of the various addresses for mailing to just 'random' solider to receive it here. Please make sure you get adequate stamps for your destination as the 'to any solider' addresses are not FREE during December they are only free if you are mailing to a 'specific' soldier who is a family/friend.

Ian's Envelopes of Joy poem read
Did you know the world is full of so many awesome helpers,
whose job keeps them away from family or friend?
They keep us healthy and safe all year long,
so a Christmas card we thought you could send!
Write them a note and let them know
that while their work might keep them apart
That they are here during the season,
Right here in your heart! 

The Crew had a great time whipping up these fun little Cupcake liner cards with me ~ everyone chose their own sentiment and helped with the fine motor tasks of folding and gluing the liners as we talked about concepts like 'half' and on top and under neath so it was more of a 'cognitive  interaction that a creative art experience since we had a end product in mind .... but everything in moderation they loved the one on one time and later getting to walk to the mailbox and pop in their gifts!
Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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