Thursday, December 3, 2015

Elf on the Shelf - Stringing Popcorn

Elf on the Shelf ~ Playing with Popcorn 
So we caught Ian the Elf having a wee bit of fun with the Popcorn invitation that Santa sent for him to share with the children ~ thankfully he is a helper elf so he helped to tidy up all his mess before we moved on to our making stringed popcorn invitation! 
 Today's Ian the Elf poem read
On the third day of December Santa heard you like to eat
So he sent me with this recipe that is really kind of neat
Place all the ingredients in the pot
Let them simmer and get really hot
Then they will shake and rattle and pop
Until they start to get so big they come out the top
Some yummy sweet and tasty kettle corn
They taste the best when they  are still fresh and warm!
If you have any leftover, as if that could ever be,
String them together and hand them on your Tree!

The kids were very excited to listen to the POP of the popcorn as we made it on the stove ... makes me miss my air popper when I could make popcorn on the table so they could also see it but sadly we do not pop enough popcorn anymore to warrant the storage real estate that the air popper took up so 'old school stove top' method it is! 

When working with popcorn and young children it is really important to KNOW YOUR CREW and their abilities with small things! 
Popcorn can quickly be a choking hazard in young children ~ it is important that you are able to devote close attention to their supervision while popcorn is being consumed or explored as well as be able to trust that your crew is able to follow safety rules of sitting properly in their chair so that they do not slip and startle themselves with a mouth full of food or that know it is not time for horsing around with food in their mouth that might cause it to go down the wrong pipe. 
As I work with 'mixed age grouping' I typically always have someone whose not quite skilled enough for popcorn so for my crew who was not quite old enough to be trusted with either eating or stringing popcorn I opt to serve some cheerios instead which are also lovely for stringing this time of year! So quick and easy ~ you can use pipe cleaners to string onto and shape them into circles and twist tie them closed!
So we typically hang these decorations outside in the tree for the animals to enjoy this winter ~ kind of a Random Act of Kindness for the wild life in the community. So you can do straight popcorn or mix it up with some cranberries too!  As an animal lover please make sure to double check that whatever you are hanging out for the animals is actually a 'safe and approved' option ~ I double checked the unsalted popcorn and cranberries as well as the cheerios with the Humane Society website to make double sure it was still safe to do this cause I know they frown on the 'bread' for the ducks.
We have a few really cheeky squirrels that LOVE getting treats in the backyard as well as a nice selection of birds including some lovely cardinals! 
Have an amazing day!
Life Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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