Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oregano Oil Compound Promising Against Norovirus

Seems like the home daycare has been hit with what appears to be the Norovirus ~ so was researching options for doing some deeper toy cleaning during nap time that does not use the recommended bleach cause well my crew still mouth the toys and that is hard to reconcile adding bleach to the final rinse as recommended since the container has a poison do not ingest sign on it :(

Oregano Oil Compound Promising Against Norovirus (source)

A substance found in oregano oil could be helpful in killing norovirus, according to a study in mice.

Researchers from the University of Arizona found that carvacrol, which is responsible for the aromatic smell and taste of oregano oil, is able to break down the tough protein layer surrounding norovirus, called the virus capsid. This would then enable another antimicrobial to go into the virus and kill it.

So finding this little tidbit of research has helped me feel better about using some Oregano essential oil and adding in a few drops of On Guard Essential Oils with some Castile soap for a nice deep clean and I will spray some oils on and let them air dry!
Definitely going to add some Oregano to the diffusers as well! 

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