Thursday, December 3, 2015

Elf on the Shelf ~ Free Matching Game Template

Ian the Elf sent the crewan offering of Christmas themed bits and bobs from Santa's favorite retail outlet ~ the Dollar Store~ plus he enlisted my help to make up these cool laminated picture invitations to help with their counting, patterning and a some blank ones to make their own games! 

The scroll read

Christmas is fun but it can be about learning too
Santa sent me today with some activities to do
Some fun little treasures so learning is no chore
You can count and create patterns ~ it’s never a bore
Hours of fun as you laugh and explore!
I love to watch you and your friends while play
Then back to the North Pole I go at the end of the day
I will be back again soon with a new invitation for you
Can wait to see what is next on Santa’s list for you to do!

The bits and bobs were a lot of fun and while a few of them used the invitation to indeed count and pattern others found that the erasers can stack to make towers and the boxes can be unwrapped  last years crew found that the boxes were light enough to blow and t his lead to games of 'who can blow their box the furthest' across the table ... the great thing about open ended materials is that they can become whatever the children need them to be as long as they are respected for the next people (we discouraged the unwrapping of the tiny boxes and instead redirected that interest to some paper, boxes and tape that they could wrap and unwrap those boxes!)

Because it is the season of sharing and giving we wanted to share our pattern and game template with you ~ everything you need for bits and bobs to play along can be found at the Dollar store. 

Free Template ~ feel free to print off

Free Template ~ feel free to print off

Free Template ~ feel free to print off
Have an amazing day!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!
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